Auric (Crashland Colony Romance Book 1) (English Edition)

Auric (Crashland Colony Romance Book 1) (English Edition). On a 97 Auric (Crashland Colony Romance Book 1) (English Edition) gratuitement PDF télécharger:

Auric (Crashland Colony Romance Book 1) (English Edition)

de Leslie Chase  

Editeur : s a girl to do?

Tamara expected the trip to Arcadia Colony to be safe and boring. And it is —
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Collection : until an impossibly hot alien warrior crashes into the ship, bringing a warning that only Tamara believes. Helping the rugged alien means mutiny…
ISBN-10: s warning about is worse.

Auric turned his back on the Silver Band when they abandoned honor in favor of piracy. Drawn by the riches of the colony ship, the Band are on their way —
ISBN-13: and once they arrive, the humans are doomed. Now that he’
Langue : but the threat he’
Dimensions du produit : s met Tamara, Auric knows he cant let anything happen to her. Shes the woman fate has chosen for him, the woman he would give his life to save.

When the humans and their alien attackers are stranded on a forbidden planet, Auric and Tamara are flung together on a journey to find other survivors. Will fate be enough to keep Auric and Tamara together? Or will the dangers of the planet tear them apart?

Auric is book one of the Crashland Colony Romances. Each book is a complete science fiction romance story with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending guaranteed.

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Crashed on an unexplored planet, with only an alien warrior and a holographic cat for company…
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